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Johan Svahn Motorsport är ett företag som specialiserat sig inom motorsporten. Företaget importerar delar och tillbehör samt erbjuder även mekaniker tjänster. Teamet drev en Triumph TR4 i den finska historiska serien med framgångar 2008, 2009 samt 2010.
2014-17, UUO-3 Sunbeam Imp byggs till en Grupp 2 racebil.

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Johan Svahn Motorsport is a company that is specialized in motorsport. The company import parts and accessories and also offer mechanic services. The team run a Triumph TR4 in the Finnish Historic series with success in 2008, 2009 and 2010.
2014-17, making the UUO-3 Sunbeam Imp into a Group 2 racecar.

About Johan

CVPosted by Johan Svahn Mon, June 04, 2007 23:29:04

Name: Johan Svahn
Born: 04.10 1976
Size: 185 cm, 86 kg
Education: Took the upper-secondary final examination (1995), Dental laboratory assistant (1999), Dentaltechnician (2002), Denturist (2009)
Profession: Company owner
Hobbies: Racing and family

In 1987 at the age of 10 I started competing in F-mini and 1993 graduated to Formula A which was my last year in karting.

I won a 1 hour race. The same year a 4:th place in a 1/2 hour race. Starting 32:nd of 36 cars.

13:th in the Finnish Formula A Championships which were concluded during one weekend. An A-Finale full with problems..

1994 was my first year in Formula Ford. Competed even in 1995 with the same car. Season 1995 it self was not a success. In the first Finnish Championship race out of eight I finished in the barriers at Ahvenisto, Hämeenlinna. Lots of DNF that season, finished only 4 times. In Autumn 1995 I bought a newer car, a Van Diemen RF92. The first test of the car I was faster than with the old one.

In the beginning of 1996 I did my national service. The season started well, was 3:rd in the FC but then came many DNF (engine failure, a roll-over and accidents). I finished 5:th in the Finnish Championships.

New rules for 1997, Zetec was invited and both Kent (1600ccm) and Zetec (1800ccm) competed for the same points. The season itself was good. A 3:rd place in the Nordic Championship race at Kemora. Layed in 3:rd place in the Finnish Championships to the end of the season when a Zetec driver went by me in the points. Finished 4:th in the Finnish Championships behind three Zetec cars and I was the best 1600 driver !!

1998, tired of the stupid regulations I decided to compete in Sweden. Competed in 14 out of 18 races and finished 8:th in the NC and 9:th in the SOM. A season that gave me lot of experience and that was why I decided to compete the following season in Sweden.
(NC = Nordic Championship, SOM = Scandinavian Open Masters)

1999, one of my worst seasons ever. 3 engine failures, a heavy accident in the pit- lane at Mantorp (not my fault) and many other bad things. A season which I spent many many hours in the garage. But luckily we did get the engine to work to the end of the season. 3:rd fastest laptime in the Saturdays race at Anderstorp.

2000, a fairly good season. Finished top 7 in almost all races. I had an engine failure in the free practise in Mo I Rana, Norway, which destroyed my chances to finish in top 5. With 6 races less than the others I finished 8:th in the Swedish Junior Championships. I ended the season and my FF1600 carrier with a 3:rd place at Mantorp !!

2001, I competed with Team Throttlebottom in the Finnish Endurance series. One 1:st and one 2:nd place + 2 DNF. Did not compete in all races because I helped a finnish FF Zetec driver in 4 races to win the Finnish Championships. Team Throttlebottom became overall Endurance winners.

2002 was full of new challenges. Tested completedly a new thing for me, Historic Racing. No results to brag over. Unfortunately the car was not competitive enough so for season 2003 some tuning was to be done.
Drove also some Endurance races for BeWi Racing (Bengt Wiik). The car was a Alfa Romeo GTV. Unfortunately we did not finish often but when the car worked we were fast. The more Endurance races I have driven the more I like the the sort of sport. So I hope it will be more Endurance in the future.

2003 became a season with only two starts! Definitivedly nothing to brag over. I had some heat problems which appeared after the race to be a broken waterpump. Luckily the problem was fixed and I had a chance to test the car before the winter came. During the winter more parts were bought toimprove the car for season 2004.

2004 was a full season in historic racing (7 races). Unfortunately I could not beat all of my competitors in my class. Finished 2:nd in class with 4 podium places. The last year I raced the TR3A.
Raced even a Taisto Laine built Locost at the end of season but no results to brag over.

005 I did only two starts in the Locost class and finished twice 3:rd. During four weekends I worked as a mechanic for finnish driver Miikka Honkanen. He competed in the FF-Zetec NEZ-series. Unfortunately he had to quit after a heavy impact with the wall at Falkenberg, Sweden.

2006 was the first time in my career since 1987 that I did not compete at all. A weird feeling! I worked as a mechanic for the same FF Zetec team as in 2005 and the driver was Matti Aro with a pole position at Botniaring. I was also an instructor at a Track Day event at my home circuit Kemora.

2007 I had planned to compete with the TR4 in the Gulf Historic Cup. Engine problems, cracked cylinder liners stopped me from competing at all. So I worked as a mechanic for NFR-Team with their drivers Mika and Marko Vähämäki. Mika won the Finnish, Swedish and the North European Formula Ford Zetec Championships. He even won the Ford Trophy, 5000 euros.

2008, I had time to work as a mechanic and race myself. NFR Team had only one Formula Ford and the driver was Marko Vähämäki. Marko drove the same car as big brother Mika won in 2007. With a little more trouble than in 2007, 2008 years season was in the end a good year. Marko did a good weekend in Pärnu with 3 podium finishes. Botniaring weekend was phenomenal! Pole position, 3 victories and fastest lap in every race + overtook the lead in FC. Marko finished in 3rd place in the FC and the Ford Trophy, 1500 euros.
I stood over the first weekend in the Historic Cup but opened on my home circuit Kemora. Towards the end of the season the car felt better and better. 3rd in class in the Gulf Historic Cup and 2nd in class in the Scandinavian Historic Masters.

2009 became the first full season with the TR4. Pole Position in each race (7/7), fastest lap in 6 out of 7 races. A DNF put a stop to get 7/7. 4 wins and 2 second places overall and in class for Historic Touring and Grand Touring cars before 1965. Overall and class victory in the Gulf Historic Cup and class victory in the Scandinavian Historic Masters.
During 3 weekends I was a mechanic for NFR Team. Miikka Honkanen and Miika Hirsimäki drove Formula Renault in the FC. A third place for Honkanen in Pärnu, Estonia.

2010 was the year as the reigning class champion. Unfortunately I could not quite match 2009 but had to settle for 2:nd place in class and 3:rd overall in Pre-65. Total dominance in Historic Grand Race was probably the season's climax. The HGR was also Historic Race Finland's (HRF) 20th anniversary contest.

2010 was also an "exchange year" as a mechanic. From having been a mechanic for NFR-Team since 2005, I helped Mäkelä Racing / MTech (Formula Ford factory). Miikka Mäkelä came 3rd in the Finnish Championships.

2011 I took a year off from racing due to my dauthers Alinas birth in April.

2012 Decided to test a Subaru Sport in the middle of season. Competed in the last 4 races and finished 4 times 2:nd.

Competed a full season with the same car numbered 565. 8 starts: 3 wins, 3 second places and one DNF. 2:nd overall in the GULF Historic Cup Subaru Sport series.
In November my son Ted was born.

2014 full season in Subaru Sport with car nr. 565. 4 pole in class, four 2:nd places, four wins. Two overall wins at Botniaring. Overall pole at Alastaro. Fastest laptime in race 1 at Alastaro. Finnished on a split first place in the GULF Historic Cup Subaru Sport series.

2015-16 sabbatical due to illness.

2017 One race weekend, Karting. IAME X30 race at Mika Salo Circuit. My first karting race in 24 years. Final 1: 7:th. Final 2: 6:th.

Full karting season in the IAME X30 Master class. One fastest race lap time. Two 4:th places and the rest Finals in top 7. Ended the season in 7:th place in total.

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