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Johan Svahn Motorsport är ett företag som specialiserat sig inom motorsporten. Företaget importerar delar och tillbehör samt erbjuder även mekaniker tjänster. Teamet drev en Triumph TR4 i den finska historiska serien med framgångar 2008, 2009 samt 2010.
2014-17, UUO-3 Sunbeam Imp byggs till en Grupp 2 racebil.

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Johan Svahn Motorsport is a company that is specialized in motorsport. The company import parts and accessories and also offer mechanic services. The team run a Triumph TR4 in the Finnish Historic series with success in 2008, 2009 and 2010.
2014-17, making the UUO-3 Sunbeam Imp into a Group 2 racecar.

Oktober / October 2012

Nyheter / NewsPosted by Johan Svahn Tue, October 16, 2012 08:26:15

Brand new VHPD cylinderhead for the Elise.

"These heads are essentially a hybrid between the normal K16 head and the VVC head in that they use the same base casting as the K16, but with the VVC ports and chambers cast in without provision for the VVC gubbins. The VHPD head uses the same sized valves as the VVC head. If complete the VHPD head comes with Piper 872 cams and solid followers together with special valve spring caps with a raised ring to contain the follower shims.These are even more rare than the VVC heads since they are made to special order, but if you do find one then it is the ideal head to use as a basis for your performance engine since there is no VVC paraphernalia to blank off and it will take a normal type inlet cam. The downside is price, I have heard of bare castings changing hands at £1200, this is a ludicrous price since the cost of buying and converting a VVC head is much less and they are essentially the same flow wise and you still need to buy valves, cams, followers, springs, verniers/sprockets, caps and collets. The VHPD head is an off the shelf casting and has no additional hand finishing applied." by Dave Andrews at DVAPower.

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