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Johan Svahn Motorsport är ett företag som specialiserat sig inom motorsporten. Företaget importerar delar och tillbehör samt erbjuder även mekaniker tjänster. Teamet drev en Triumph TR4 i den finska historiska serien med framgångar 2008, 2009 samt 2010.
2014-17, UUO-3 Sunbeam Imp byggs till en Grupp 2 racebil.

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Johan Svahn Motorsport is a company that is specialized in motorsport. The company import parts and accessories and also offer mechanic services. The team run a Triumph TR4 in the Finnish Historic series with success in 2008, 2009 and 2010.
2014-17, making the UUO-3 Sunbeam Imp into a Group 2 racecar.

About the car

TR4 Historic racecarPosted by Johan Svahn Mon, June 04, 2007 19:34:18
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I bought the car from Cambridge Motorsport Ltd, England in Autumn 2004. 21.12 2004 the car arrived to Finland and Jakobstad. The car is a 1962 Triumph TR4. A newer model than the TR3A that I used to race in 2002-04. This TR4 was exported to Canada in the early 1962 and has been used as a racingcar its entire life. And so will it be. The car is a FIA spec. historic racingcar. This means that I can participate anywhere in Europe and the same regulations will be valid. The TR4 is built as a touring cars were built in the 60:s. The safty devices are up to date.

Racing parts from the TR3A has been transfered to the TR4. The engine from the TR3A is in use but the SU carburettors has been changed to twin Weber 48 DCOE. The LSD has also been transfered. Parts bought in the Winter 2004 have also been moved to the TR4 as: Spax shocks, stiffer springs, Brembo disks and Alfin rear drums.

The Triumph is equipped with a 2138cc four cylinder eigth valve engine with twin Weber 48 DCOE carburettors. 150+ bhp. 4 speed gearbox. Diskbrakes at the front and drumbrakes at the rear. Lefthand drive. Dunlop M-Section 5.00M 15 racingtyres.

In the Diary you can read how the car was built.

Week 53(-04) - 3
Week 6 - 43
Week 44 - 19(-06)
Week 20 - 41

Diary Photos

Season 2008
Season 2009
Season 2010

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